Thursday, March 03, 2005


Why is it so hard to fit that into my schedule? Hmmm...probably because I like to surf the internet and read! Although, I did today, walk on the treadmill for 15 minutes of which I ran for four of those 15 minutes. Gotta start somewhere, right?

My little girls, Lindsey & Sydney, were terribly sick last weekend with some kind of stomach bug/flu. They puked non-stop from Friday night until late Sunday afternoon, when we took them to the ER. They were very dehydrated and needed IV fluids. I'm glad we took them in. Lindsey is pretty much back to normal, but Sydney is still recovering. She still is having some diarrhea and not eating too well yet, but I'm sure it just takes time.

Starting on Monday, I am filling in for my neighbor's daycare, who is going on maternity leave for nine weeks. I will be watching her daughter (3.5) and son (almost 2) every Monday and Tuesday. It isn't anything new, as I already watch them on occasion, usually a Thursday morning a couple times a month. What will be different is that I will be having them here every week! Could be a little more exhausting for me.

I'm anxious for spring, so that I can get outside and go for walks with the girls. I'm sure that it's a ways away yet, though. Sometimes we can still get dumped on in April!

Just got back from a 12 day trip to Florida. Brian & I and the girls drove down, spending two nights with friends, one in Ft. Campbell, KY and the other in Alpharetta, GA, before ending up in Marco Island with my parents. Brice flew down on Saturday and stayed until Wednesday. We stayed until Friday and had a great time with my parents, and my brother and family. On Friday, we drove to Panama City Beach and spent two nights with Brian's parents. Then it was home by Monday night, with an overnight in Paducah, KY. What a fabulous trip and the girls handled it beautifully!

Well, better go drink some water and maybe read a little of my novel. I'm on to "Q" for Quarry by Sue Grafton. Have a great day!

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