Thursday, September 13, 2007

Where I have been?

Or maybe I should ask, where do I need to go?

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

Very cool map! Gives me a great visual on where I've traveled. It's nice to see at a glance that I've actually gotten around quite a bit. I love traveling; would do it professionally if I could.

Soon, I'll be able to add two more states to my list, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I'll be heading to Cape May, NJ for our annual twin mom get together. I'm very excited!

It's always fun to see friends, but these friends are very special. We have been together for 5+ years now. We've been there from the beginning, supporting one another from afar, some through infertility trials, pregnancies, difficult births, the early months of having twins, miscarriages and losses, deaths of family members, divorces, and everything in between. We're there for each other for big events going on in our lives and we're there for the little things, like when our kids are just on our very last nerve for the day! (Hmmm...maybe that's not so little...but you get my drift.)

I care about these women and I know they care about me and about each other. It's not about who posts a lot or who doesn't so much, but KNOWING that if I did have something important on my mind or something tragic happen in my life, I would just have to tell them and they would be there for me, to give great advice or to surround me with love and support that I would desperately need.

I feel know that we will be friends forever; at least I hope so. We are tied together, brought together because of having twins, but staying together because we care.


Amy said...

Kim, that was a wonderful post and I completely agree. I do believe we will be friends forever!!!

Anonymous said...

sniff sniff...are you trying to make me cry??? Of course I feel the same way! Can't wait for our TRIP! WOO HOO! Jersey Shore here I come!


Tracy said...

Ditto! Kim, you just melted my heart when you sent those tapes. How incredibly thoughtful!

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