Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, today is the day...a nice day to pop back on my blog after a long hiatus. I'm another year older and closer to 50!

I was woken this morning by two little girl's yelling, "SURPRISE!", like I didn't know it was my birthday. Very cute. I had cards and candy awaiting me, as well as, lots of hugs and kisses!

We headed to the pediatrician the morning for the girl's Well-Child check now that they are FIVE (still can't believe that!). They also received five shots each today. Boosters and then the flu shot. UGH! It was tough. Troopers they are, for sure! Lindsey didn't handle it well at all, but the office did a great job of taking one while the other was getting their shots. Lindsey went first and she was already worked up before she got up on the table. That didn't help at all. She was seriously almost out of control when it was over and only calmed down when Dr. Heidi came and took her for a walk. Then, Sydney came back in and she handled it really well, still tears, but nothing like Lindsey, and I really didn't even know when she was done. I could've had them do the shots in two different visits, but I said, no, just get them all over with. It's such a tough decision. I was debating in my head about it, but I could tell Lindsey was getting worked up already, so I decided to just spare her another day of shots. I think it was the right decision.

As for their stats, still teeny-tiny for five! Sydney was 40.5" (12th percentile) and 32 lbs. (3rd percentile) and Lindsey was 40" (7th percentile) and 30 lbs. (0.7 percentile) LOL...at least she's actually ON the chart now, if you can call .7 on the chart! I think it's the first time ever for her weight.

Really, no worries though. We are past the tracking of all the calories and cals/oz. Believe me though, we have been there, done that. It's very strange to think back to that time, because when you are in to the day to day stuff, you really wonder if it will end. I thought I'd always be worrying about their intake, etc., but eventually, I just made a decision to let it go. It was hard. Very hard. It was something I could control, not really control, because obviously I can't control what they ate, but I was all about keeping track of everything, writing everything down in my notebook...and I just stopped. I stopped tracking. I stopped the Pediasure. I just decided that I need to trust the girls a little more with their eating, that they would eat if they were hungry, if I actually LET them get hungry. Prior to that, I don't think they ever felt hungry. Anyway, it was just time for us. It was stressful, but it was even more stressful, all the tracking and counting and worrying. It took awhile to really let go. It's actually kind of hard to remember what it was like sometimes. I guess that's just what a little time does. Anyway, back to the doctor visit...

Dr. Heidi also still heard a heart murmur on Lindsey. She heard it last year too and we were going to do an echo, but I never scheduled it. She said we could still do the echo or she could just write a referral and I could take her to Sydney's cardiologist and schedule it at my leisure, which is what we're going to do. I'm sure it's probably just an innocent murmur, but we're going to get it checked out.

After the trauma of all the shots, we went to the store to pick up some Tylenol and get a treat, and then it was off to McDonalds. Back home, change clothes for dance and we were off again.

Now we are just waiting for daddy to get home and we'll be heading out to dinner! YAY!

And I have SO MUCH to tell you all! I can't believe it's been almost a month since I posted anything. We have been busy. I went on a trip to Cape May, NJ and then we all went to:

Our first trip here...

I've started a new business. We were sick. Yadda yadda yadda...

Some happy news last week though...the Packers won AGAIN! Yay! Here we are sporting our favorite Brett Favre jersey's!

We love Brett Favre!

I still need to get my vacation pics uploaded and then I'll share with you all. Lots to talk about. It's good to be back.


Charlene said...

Hi Kim! I don't know if you remember me from the preemie board. I'm Zayne's mom and his stats are exactly the same as Sydney's at 5 years old. Email me!

Tanya said...

Hi Kim! I haven't stopped by in a while and missed your birthday! I hope it was GREAT!! Love all the updates on the blog...Hugs, T

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