Monday, February 25, 2008

Did I tell you about my new business?

I have to tell you... I have been having so much fun with this. I am a Gold Canyon® candle independent demonstrator. I enrolled last August. I have used these candles for a couple years, buying them from a good friend. I had told her that if they ever have a special on the kit, I may be interested in enrolling too. As luck would have it, shortly after I said that, they offered a special, $50 off the kit price.

I was a little hesitant as they do have a small sales minimum that you have to meet each quarter, but I absolutely LOVE these candles. They are truly the "The World's Finest"® as they claim. I used to be a Yankee candle fan, but they don't even compare to these, and they cost less than Yankee too. Always a good thing! Plus I figured the worst case scenario was that I got over $350 worth of candles for $125!

So, if you are a candle lover like I am, you should definitely get your hands on these candles. One of my most favorite features of these candles is the "cool wax". If the wax spilled on your little one, it would not burn.

They are currently offering an awesome promotion, your kit for free, if you meet a $1000 sales goal in 42 days. I would've absolutely LOVED to gotten in on this promotion. Only 4 days left to take advantage of it though.

This truly has been so much fun for me! What I didn't realize at first was how great an opportunity it is, especially in certain parts of the country. There are hardly any demonstrators in my area. I'm very excited!

I'm going to place a link in my sidebar, in case anyone is interested in ordering. You can order through my site and have it shipped directly to you. Feel free to contact me if you have a question about the candles or certain scents or if you'd like a catalog. I'd be more than happy to help!


Tanya said...

I LOVE these candles Kim! Thank you! Anyone reading this: Kim gave me 2 of her candles as a sweet gift, I got Clean Linen and Sprigs and Garden Blooms, they are WONDERFUL!

angi said...

I did the same thing with Pampered Chef...figuring no matter what, I was getting GOOD STUFF :)

I'll have to ck your site out, I am a candle lover!

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