Monday, January 29, 2007

Lindsey's new eye glasses AND a special Anniversary!

Lindsey with her new glasses Well, we picked up Lindsey's new glasses last week and it's been going really well! She's been keeping them on with no problems. She does have a tendency to touch the lenses a lot, so we do need to work on that. I haven't noticed any problems with her eye turning in anymore. She says that she can see good too, so I'm sure that's why she likes having them on. Of course, everyone is telling her how cute she looks and how grown up she is! Which she does! I was thinking that Sydney might be a little envious of all the attention Lindsey is getting but she's been just fine. In fact, she's usually telling everyone she sees, "Look at my sister's new glasses!" It's so cute! We go back in early March for a check. I'm really hoping that her eyes will correct and she won't need the glasses anymore like they said would probably happen, but if not, that's okay too. I'm a long time wearer of glasses (5th grade), and I know there are worse things. After we picked up her glasses, we headed over to Daddy's work, picked him up and took him out to lunch at Culvers. The girls LOVED that! Ice cream! Plus it's always fun visiting daddy's work.

Other than that, things are just normal around here. The girls both still LOVE preschool and I love hearing from their teacher. She always has such great things to say about how much they are learning and how they pick up on things. What I really like about this small class is that it is mixed with 3, 4, and 5 year olds. It's been a really good thing.

I'm really noticing some differences in the girls. Lindsey is really into the fine motor things. She writes well and holds her pencil perfectly. She paints every day and loves to color, draw pictures and use all her stickers. She's just really into those type things. Oh, and singing! Now Sydney is much more into the gross motor things. She is already dribbling, loves to play catch, and can bounce and catch a ball like a pro. She's also really into puzzles and has great concentration and focus. Oh, and she loves to spell.

They both like to do all the things that I mentioned, just some differences are emerging. They LOVE to play outside in the snow and I think their favorite toy at the moment is their My Little Pony's. They love when I read to them too. And of course, the stories that they come up with! It's just such fun listening to them!

GoingHomeI'm doing some reflecting today, because it's a very special day. Four years ago today, we brought our baby girls home from the hospital, after 114 days in the NICU and just five days after their original due date! Lindsey weighed 4.5 and Sydney weighed 5.5 lbs. There were days where I wasn't sure what was going to happen, especially with Lindsey. She was on the vent for such a long time (11 weeks!) and her time on the oscillator was very stressful. All the blood transfusions and ROP and Eye surgery...

Frankly, they are miracles to me. Not just because of all they went through, but MOSTLY because of them not having any long term issues since coming home. Yes, Lindsey did come home on oxygen and Sydney failed her car seat test, and both had reflux bad for a couple years and feeding issues. Yes, they are still quite tiny, but never any developmental delays, no therapies, no OT, PT, ST, no hospital stays due to being sick, no breathing treatments, but still the worry! It's really pretty unbelievable considering where they started and what they went through. Miraculous.

I can't believe that it's been four years. They are just growing up too fast. Much of the time in my adult life, I really didn't think I'd even have any children. I've been so fortunate to be able to have this journey. It's taught me so much, mostly about enjoying each and every moment with them, and celebrating every milestone! I am blessed and grateful. Thank you, my precious daughters.

Not just sisters.  We're friends.


Heather said...

I love L's glasses!
And wow, 5 years. What lucky girls to get your for their mom.

Eren said...

Happy Anniversary!!! (although a little late) Loved reading more about your girlies and how they are diferentiating themselves.

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