Wednesday, April 30, 2008


We were worried about the weather on Sunday, but it turned out to be a beautiful day...sunny, a little on the cool side (about 50*F), but great for walking! No jackets needed!

After church, I headed down to the walk site to help get ready. I am a committee member so I needed to be there early. DH and the girls came later, along with the rest of the team. And can I just say a HUGE THANK YOU to all who came out to walk with us too: Mom, Sandy, Sherri, Renee, Darren, Kristy, Chelsea, Dylan and their friends, Lincoln, Grant and Harrison, Lisa, Steph, A, Alex, Jen, John, Ali and Josie, Shelly and Steph. It's so fun when we have family and friends together for this event!

I was also quite impressed with Lindsey and Sydney this year. This is the second year we didn't bring a stroller. However, this year, we did bring the bikes! GREAT idea! Lindsey walked half of the first loop (a loop is a mile) and then proceeded to ride the rest of the loop and ride two MORE loops! Holy buckets! That was three miles! Sydney was too far ahead the first loop so missed picking up her bike, but the rode another loop. Then she was done and headed to the playground!

Thanks also to Rochelle and all my other committe members! As always, it's great to work with you!

Again, we were Top Team and I was Top Walker for our walk location. We all work very hard and it's all because of our wonderful supporters!

I hope you enjoy my little montage of the day (turn up your volume):

Next year... think about joining us, will you?


angi said...

That is amazing :) It is such a sweet video & congrats on all you have done over the years! What a wonderful thing to teach your girls, and obviously such a great cause.

Tanya said...

Ok, I came by to leave my second comment on this very old post but notice I never even posted my first comment of congrats! You guys did awesome and I thought I already told you that, but I guess I didn't so now I am!

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