Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fool's!

Funny...every year I usually can get someone to fall for the ol', "WOW! It's really snowing outside!" on April Fool's Day. Not this year. I woke up to my cell phone text message beeping at 5:30 a.m. telling me that school was going to be two hours late!

Yes, indeedy, we got another, oh, I don't know...4-5 inches I guess. It had just all melted. I'm not surprised though. I know this is April and I know it's Minnesota, where it is quite common to have a little snowstorm in April. I know that I live in a fairly rural area with country roads, but come on, seriously? They had to close school again? Not that it affects me, mind you. My girl's won't be in Kindergarten until next year. This is just a taste of what's to come!

I went to get my hair cut, [whispering] colored and highlighted [end whispering] at 9 a.m. this morning and by the time I was done at 10:30 a.m., the roads were all clear, not a speck of snow on them. Then it proceeded to get up to the mid 40's and everything is melting and getting slushy and muddy again. I doubt we will have any of this left by Friday. And I really think the weather is a-changing...mid 50's! Yes!

I'm sure you've noticed I talk about the weather a lot. Tee-hee! Yes, that's what we do up north! Very common subject!

The other reason I was annoyed with the school closing was because today is the girl's dance class, and they always cancel when school closes. This would've been the fourth Tuesday, but the coach got the okay from the home office!

I should say this is Lindsey's class now, as we have withdrawn Sydney from the class. Long story, short, she was just not into it after the holiday break. We gave it a go, but she just has a lot of anxiety with people watching her and rather than make it worse, we just told her she didn't have to participate if she didn't want to. They have a great instructor, who even lets her sit in on the class watching the other girls, even though she has withdrawn. Their instructor, Coach T, said it was fine to let her withdraw, she's five and they have no expectations for them at this age. Actually, I'm quite surprised she made it this long and even participated in the Holiday show, performing in front of over 500 people! I would've been petrified!

Today we got the professional pics, so I'll end with those. They turned out cute. I got a little button to wear of the two of them together that I'm oh-so-proud of. Oh, and in the one picture, doesn't Sydney look SO much bigger than Lindsey? She's really not. She's only about 1/2" taller (looking like she has a bit better posture though, eh?).

The color didn't scan well, but they're still cute!

Without further ado...

Lindsey 2007-2008 JFK

Sydney 2007-2008 JFK

Sydney & Lindsey 2007-2008 JFK

I'm just so proud of them! They have come such a long way and have really blossomed this year. They are just growing and changing so much! I love you baby girls!


Tanya said...

Oh Kim, they look so pretty! I love their dresses!

Snow in April? I hope you get spring soon!!

Kim Sjoquist said...

Oh, I love those pictures. How cute are they? I can't wait to maybe try dance out with Ashlyn this next year.

Angelika said...

They are so cute! Can't wait to meet them and you in two weeks!!!


Tanya said...

Hey, someone else has an "Ashlyn"?! I tagged you girlie! Come see! Also, be proud of me, I finally figured out how to do that linking thing!

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