Sunday, August 24, 2008

More summer happenings...

I've definitely been more absent these summer months! I can't believe how fast time is flying by. I know this always happens though. Today was the most perfect summer day ever! I enjoyed it a bit by sitting on the deck and reading book, just enjoying the warm summer sun, bright blue sky and the best part...low humidity! Thankfully, we only get bursts of humidity here in the summer. It would not make me happy to live in an area that is humid all the time.

The first day of August was one of those humid days and we spent the afternoon over at great Aunt Sherri's house with Lindsey and Sydney's second cousins. They had a lot of fun floating around the pool and trying out the slide. We were intending on getting another week's worth of private swim lessons this summer, but time just ran out. Here are a few pics from that day:

Lindsey, Sydney, William and Ryan at Aunt Sherri's house

Sydney floating Lindsey floating

Sydney down the slide! Lindsey down the slide!

AwardsThen, later that weekend, we were invited to an Awards Celebration for the March of Dimes which included attending a Minnesota Twins game! We had the picnic right at the Dome and then proceeded to head down onto the field for a "march" around the basis. We brought Lindsey and Sydney's cousin, Chelsea, with us, as she is an AVID Minnesota Twins fan. We all had a wonderful day!
Getting our awards for Top Team and I was the #10 Top Walker in the State of Minnesota! When we first arrived, we picked up our awards for Top Team and I also received an award for Top Walker (#10 for the entire state of Minnesota)! We are very proud. We work hard, all of us. I'd like to thank our team for all the efforts as well! We couldn't do it without you!

More pictures from the day:

Chels, Syd and Linds heading into the Dome

Lindsey & Sydney with their cousin, Chelsea, on the field

Here we are walking down on the field, pre-game.

My name listed on the board at the game!

Happy girls!

Game over, Twins win and we had an AWESOME time!

Now, we are starting the countdown to KINDERGARTEN! Only eight more days! We had a parent meeting last Wednesday and we have Open House this Wednesday. They already know their teachers, but this will be fun to go in and see the classrooms again.

More updates soon!

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angi said...

Was today the big day? IF so, I hope it went well for your girls (and YOU!!) If not, I hope it goes GREAT for you all!

LOVE the pictures from the game, what a fun day & a great job on the awards :)

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