Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I have Kindergarteners. I cried.

Yes. Yes, I did.

Honestly, I really didn't think I would. People have been asking me for weeks how I'm feeling, if I'm sad, and I really haven't been. I've just been so darn excited for them! I absolutely LOVED school as a child and I'm hopeful that my girls will love school too! I think my enthusiasm came through too, because there were no tears from them this morning, just pure excitement, over their new clothes, shoes, new backpacks, riding the bus, new friends, you name it!

They woke up to mom sticking a camera in their face. Nice, mom! But you can tell, they were already anticipating the day at that point!

Lindsey waking up! Sydney waking up!

They had a quick breakfast, got ready, and then mom had to take a boat load of pictures!

We are excited for our first day of school! First day happiness

Lindsey's taller with her tennis shoes on, Mom!

Sydney Lindsey

Then we walked over to the bus stop (next door neighbors) and we waited.

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

And waited some more...good to have moral support!

Moral support

But THEN...here it comes, mom!

Here it comes, mom!

...and then it's GONE!


And this is when I cried. I realized as the bus pulled away that I didn't even get any pictures of them getting ON the bus! But let me me tell you...I think the main reason that I started crying is when the bus driver said to me, "I've got them now, mom!" I'm SO HAPPY she is their bus driver. I've known her for a long, long time, since like sixth grade. She is a friend of my mom's and I used to babysit her kids. She's been driving bus forever and I'm just tickled that she's the girl's bus driver too! I love living in a small town.

As for the rest of my day, I basically wandered around the house and did nothing, glancing at their schedule every now and then to see what they were doing, just anticipating their happiness when they got home.

So, the bus did leave, but it also came back!


And it brought two smiley, happy girls...

Smiles all around It was a great day!

...who had a wonderful day, but were glad to be home too!

So FUN, mom!

It's been a very nostalgic and emotional day for me. I can't believe that it's already been just about six years since those tiny one pound babies were born...and look at them now!

I know I don't have to say it, but I'm going to anyway.

Enjoy every moment. They grow so fast and in a blink of an eye, they are walking and talking, and then getting on that school bus, spreading their wings and taking another step towards independence.

Enjoy. Savor. Remember.

Life is the journey...


Tanya said...

Aw Kim, great post and pictures! The girls look adorable. I was sad that first week of school too when B and D started kindy. It's so quiet without them home isn't it?!

Tracy said...


They look so sweet and confident. Good job Mama!

angi said...

Man, those pictures (along with your post) made me cry too! I love the returning home ones :) And the pic of them holding hands and facing each other is priceless!!

alice said...

I'm coming from Tanya's blog. Your daughters are so cute! My daughter (19)is studying in Germany this year , she left home two weeks ago. My son (17) is starting his first year at the university just now, at 120km from home. So, my house is quiet now, but not only for a few hours...I remember so well the kindergarden time! Sorry, my English is not good enough to write exactly what I'd want to. Have a nice day!

Everyday Superhero said...

But isn't it easier to send twins that just one to school? I sent my identical twin boys to kindergarten this year..... and it made me feel so much better knowing that even though they didn't have me, they had each other. There is something comforting in the fact that no matter what they do or where they go, they will travel with the one person who knows them best.

Twins are so much work, but worth every moment of it.

P.S. I totally cried too. I was sure I wouldn't. Kids will make you do crazy things.

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