Tuesday, September 30, 2008

School update and new looks!

Well, three weeks have passed since my last update. School is going well. The first few days that they were separated were a little rough. Lindsey & Sydney would see each other at lunch and burst into tears. As Sydney tells it, "Mom, I was just so happy that I saw my sister!" Their favorite part about school is lunch, recess and gym, all times when they are together. By the end of the second full week, they seemed to get into a stride, being excited about what they're doing in class, meeting new friends and they both love their teachers. I'm volunteering on Friday's for each of their classes, helping during center time.

Tomorrow is picture day. Auntie Kristy gave them haircuts last week. Sydney had been talking for a long time about getting her hair cut short. I'm not surprised she went through with it, because she really doesn't like wearing a lot of things in her hair. While Lindsey, on the other hand, decided to keep her hair long! She loves to wear a ponytail everyday. Ah, well, I was hoping for two short haircuts, but one is fine. Still less work for mom! I LOVE that they are choosing to be different! It's really fun to see. Lindsey was a little disappointed that "her sister didn't want to look like her", but Sydney just said that she "wanted to look like me!" Can't argue with that!

Lindsey's Befores and After

Lindsey - Before
Lindsey - Before

Lindsey - After

Sydney's Befores and After

Are you ready for your haircut, Sydney?Sydney - before


And my beautiful girlies together!

My beautiful girls


Tanya said...

About time you updated! Their hair turned out so cute and they look adorable! How sweet they are!

Alisa said...

I stumbled upon your blog from Holland and Eden's blog. I also have preemie children, well former I should say. They just turned three. Your girls are beautiful and look to be doing soo well. I have boy/girl twins and they still get early intervention services but doing very well. My daughter had laser surgery for ROP, a surgery for glaucoma and a pending one for a cataract. UGH! We patch too for ambylopia. You can see us at www.parkertwins.blogspot.com I have a question regarding your pictures. What kind of camera do you have? The pictures are so clear and sharp. I'm always hunting a good digital camera. Well goodluck with school and the "eye" issues. I PROMISE it will all work out.

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