Friday, December 12, 2008


Pre-surgery Two hours post surgery One day post-surgery

The previous pics are before, after and one day post-surgery. I certainly can tell a big difference in her left eye! It's even been more noticible today and it really warmed my heart when Lindsey said, "I just love how my eyes look straight, mom!"

As for the surgery itself yesterday, all ended up going as planned. We got there, the anesthesiologist listened to her lungs and said they sounded fine so we were a GO! When we got there, we all got stickers to wear, "Lindsey's Mom, Lindsey's Dad and Lindsey's Sister". Lindsey got her bracelet and her bear, Snowy, got a matching bracelet too!

Linds and Snowy have matching bracelets!

Next, we had the prelim vitals, etc., waiting to head to OR. I got to go in with her and lucky me, got to dress all up 'like a snowman' or as Lindsey said, "You look just like Snowy, mom!"

Getting a little "arm hug" Modeling her gown and slippers
Pre-surgery markings Mom and Lindsey getting ready to go back to the OR.
Linds was glad her sister was here too! How do you like my cap?

Sydney was so concerned about her sister, constantly asking when she was going to be done, if she was okay, etc. When we got back to the recovery room, Syd ran right in and said, Lindsey! I'm so glad you're okay. I love you so much! She continued to gush over her the whole time and the nurse asked if they were always like this, and I told her, yes, pretty much!

Water, please... Post surgery

Happy to be going home

Sydney SO glad that her sister is okay!

I'm just so proud of how Lindsey handled it all. I was quite worried about it, but she really surprised us. She's been a trooper. The doctor resectioned approximately 6 mm of muscle in each of her eyes. They will continue to be red for weeks, gradually getting pinker and then back to white. We're doing antibiotic/anti-inflammatory drops in her eyes three times a day for a week. We have a follow-up appointment with her doctor on Tuesday. She's already cleared to go back to school on Monday. She's experienced really no pain at all. We've just been giving her Tylenol, regularly on the first day, but now, as needed. Actually, it's been really hard to keep her resting and not jumping around!

Of course, after we came home Thursday, we had to do something fun that night! Dad made sugar cookies, so the girls had fun frosting them! YUUUUUM! Happy Holidays!

Lindsey eating her work!


Geli said...

Way to go, Lindsey! I'm glad it all went well, and I hope the healing goes well!
Hugs, Geli :)

Jodi said...

Great job, Lindsey. What a brave young girl you are! Olivia had that surgery back in September. She may have to have it again sometime in her life. It's nice to hear that Lindsey was not in too much pain afterwards. Olivia is too young to really tell me how she felt and with her eyes so red. . .it looked painful. Anyway, glad to hear everything went well. I had been thinking of Lindsey all week!

(My captcha word was pooryi. . .kind of like poor eye.)

success in life said...

The Lord blesses you Lindsey and makes you a success and strong example of courage for others!

Hajar said...

Aw-w-w, she was really brave. ;>) I'm glad you little sweetie's happy with her eyes now.

The Adult Costumes said...

Wow! that was really great it made me remind my sister. My sister is same as Lindsey. She take's care of me more thank my mom (I do the same for her. It was really very nice to read your post.

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