Tuesday, January 20, 2009


In memory of our baby boy, Seth Allan, who received his angel wings seven years ago. Not with us, but with us. We'll always love you.

A Mother to her Child

You dwelt beneath my longing heart,
cherished and soft and warm.
And though you won't go home with me
Where you are, there'll be no harm.
For such a very little while
was my poor heart your home,
and then you left me, precious one,
in Heaven's fields to roam.
No tears shall ever dim you eyes,
no heartache pain you sore,
no sin will stain your lovely soul,
spotless forevermore.
So, Sweet, I will not grieve too much;
not hopeless are my tears.
You there, I here, both loved by God,
both safe through flying years.
And He who carries tenderly
the wee lambs on His breast
Will one day give you back to me,
rapture undreamed, unguessed.

*Martha Snell Nicholson, c 1951


Hajar said...

This is such a beautiful heart-wrenching poem!

Jenn said...

Foung your blog through another... We lost our little boy, Ty, Jan 26 of this year... Praise God for His comfort and healing power, but we still miss Ty. Just wanted to say I LOVE this poem and am so glad I read it. Haven't read many that truly touch me the way this one does - I love how it emphasizes that our sweet babies are with God and we'll see and hold them again someday :) God bless!

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