Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm still here.

I've wanted to get a post up for awhile now, but life just seemed to get away from me. That, and I have a hard time posting without posting pictures and I hadn't downloaded my pics off my camera for awhile. I know. Sad excuse. It's been over a month now! Sorry!

Well, let's see. What's been happening with us?

Since the girls finished school, we've just been enjoying the summer. It took awhile for it to get here, but we've been having some nice days lately. (Not today, rainy, but we need the rain badly.)

So, to recap:

The girls had their last day of school picnic and fun day. They enjoyed themselves, playing games and having a fun water fight!

You can do it Lindsey! Great swing!

Sydney chasing one of the big boys...

Syd chasing Harrison

...and then he gets her back! LOL!

Harrison got ME now!

The first week of June, the girls attended VBS at a local church and had an awesome time! They had a little program on Thursday evening. Very cute. Lindsey was excited for it, but Sydney was a little hesitant.

Born together, friends forever

VBS singers!

We'll probably do another VBS later in the summer too. They really love all the singing, playing, and most importantly, learning about Jesus.

Soccer also began the first week of June. They play one evening a week and my, oh my, what a hoot! I couldn't make the first game, but apparently, they were still quite shy and didn't want to participate very much. Although, you would never guess that when I asked them about it the next day. All they could talk about was soccer this and soccer that and how much fun it was. So I was quite optimistic the next week when I took them and DH was gone.

Let me tell you...I am so proud of them! They really are having fun and participating. It's been a far cry from last year's soccer experience. The third week, both B and I were there and we can barely get them off the field. It's been such a surprise to me and I'm so happy for them!

Sydney handling the ball

Nice kick Lindsey!

We ARE best friends!


Good game!

I still have some more great shots from last week's game. Another time.

We had been debating on whether to do something else this summer. A new dance studio is opening in our town this fall and the woman is offering some summer sessions of tap/ballet. This would be different than the Just for Kix dance that we've participated in the past two years. The girl's didn't seem all that excited about though. So, then I heard about a Gymnastics Club in the next town over from us. We decided to go over there and check it out.

Lindsey was VERY Gung-ho about it, Sydney, a little less so. (Are you guys sensing a pattern here?) I talked to them long and hard about and we decided to try it for summer. They've never done gymnastics and I just really thought that they would enjoy it. The first afternoon of the class, Sydney was having some high anxiety, but I just kept talking to her about it. Both of the girls need to have lots of talks, discussions about new things at first. We can't just spring it on them.

Anyway, we got there and we had to wait a few minutes before they could go in. Parents stay outside, but can watch through the glass. The doors opened and Lindsey was through them like a flash. Sydney was softly crying and didn't really want to go, but she did. That's a big step for her. They went to the back and started warming up and shortly after that, here she comes with a coach. So, I went in the door and we just sat together there for five minutes talking about things, talking about trying it and not to be scared, that the people weren't looking at her, that they were looking at all their own kids. She gets quite anxious about people looking at her. Eventually, she decided she could go back by Lindsey and try it. To be honest, I was quite in SHOCK that she did this, but I KNEW that if she just tried to participate, she would have a good time.

Well, THAT is an understatment. Once she went back over and by the time she finished the warm-ups, she had the biggest smile on her face. They moved from station to station, first working on the long trampoline thing, doing jumping, then to the balance beam, next to a little obstacle coarse with the bars and finally to another balance beam where they jumped off into a pile of cushy foam blocks.

They both flew out of the room when it was over, babbling about how much fun gymnastics was, and could they go to gymnastics EVERY day! It was music to my ears! Sydney even went so far to tell me that Gymnastics is MUCH more fun than ballet! LOL! So, that's our new favorite activity.

They had this class the day before their last soccer game and I really think that's what helped her with the soccer too! She just seems so much more confident, even with just that one class! No pics though... hopefully I'll be able to capture something through the glass window. I have a great new lens that's been working well, especially for soccer and outdoor activities.

June was also Father's Day and we ended up having an impromptu cook-out at our house that evening, inviting my parents and my grandma over for supper. It was a beautiful night and we really enjoyed it!

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Kisses for dad on Father's Day!

Fun times with Grandpa too!

Playing with grandpa

Laughing it up with Grandpa!

I have more stuff to tell, but will save it for another entry.

I hope you're all enjoying the summer!
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