Monday, November 24, 2008

We're here.

I just hate how time gets away from me. Now it's been over a month since I updated. Lots of updates to be had too. We are gearing up for eye surgery for Lindsey. More on that next time.

Just to tide you over a bit, we have our first lost tooth! It went quickly. I barely knew it was even loose and then it was out! Here is the proud girl, Sydney.

First lost tooth

See my new tooth!

Big Smile! LIttle hole!

Apparently the bottom one next to it is pretty loose now too. She's excited for the tooth fairy to come again.

Oh, and a little funny story about the first lost tooth...I had set the tooth on the kitchen counter, and let me tell you, it is teeny TINY! Later in the afternoon (she lost it right away in the morning) I was cleaning up the kitchen and totally forgot about it. When her dad got home, we went to get it and it was gone! Sydney was pretty understanding and kept telling me, 'It's okay, mom.' I felt TERRIBLE! I told her that it was okay though, because we didn't get to keep it anyway, that the tooth fairy took the tooth and we would just write her a note. She accepted that.

I knew it had to be in the garbage, so I started digging. I couldn't find it. I mean, the thing is like half the size of a tic-tac! I took a break and thought to myself, please just let me find it, I KNOW it's here! Lo and behold, the next time I started digging, I FOUND IT! She was so HAPPY that she could show it to her dad when he got home! Of course, I received many Thank You's!

Lindsey's patiently waiting to get a loose tooth too!

Getting ready.... Get set.... Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Happy Fall Y'all! Oh, wait, it's almost winter now and we have snow on the ground!
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