Thursday, October 09, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday to my precious daughters!

I've been trying to compose this entry for awhile. I've been somewhat emotional leading up to their birthday this year. They just seem so grown up. Has it really been six years? Maybe it's because they are in Kindergarten now and that is such a big step. Elementary school.

I look at their pictures back when they were first born, through the NICU, through their first year, second year and as hard as all that was, sometimes, I just want to go back! I've loved every stage of their life and have always been excited for the next, but I see those pictures and I think to myself, 'Where have my little girls gone?'

It's funny because each year as we get close to their birthday, I always tell them that "I don't want you to get {insert age}". This year was no different. Yesterday, they were telling me that they were going to be seven next year and I said, "No, I don't want you to get seven. I want you to stay six!" And Sydney looked at me with her hands on her hip, rolling her eyes a bit and said, "Mommm, we're going to be SIX for a whole YEAR!" I said, "You are absolutely right, Sydney! It's going to be a great year!"

My words are starting to sink in with them too. When I'm feeling nostalgic like this, they can tell, and they proceed to tell me that 'they'll always be my little girls, no matter how big they get' and that 'I'm always with them, no matter where they go'. These are things that I've told them over and over and it's really neat to hear it back, that they KNOW this!

Our girls are growing and changing.

Happy 6th Birthday Sydney!Sydney is getting a bit taller than her sister now. We just measured yesterday and she is 43.5" tall and is about 38 lbs. She's a very laid back, go-with-the-flow kind of girl. She can be stubborn, but that usually comes out when she's tired, along with the whineyness. She seems a lot like me. She doesn't like the limelight, can be quite reserved around people, but in small groups, one on one situations, sometimes she never shuts up and gets quite animated. She is extremely reliant on her sister, feels her every hurt, cries when she cries and sticks up for her if she feels she's getting the raw end of the deal. She's very compassionate, about people, animals, you name it. She likes to play outside, shoot hoops, play tennis and she loves puzzles, loves to figure things out, color and draw. She loves reading books. She tells me she wants to be a big sister and a mom when she grows up! She's very even-keeled and a joy to be around.

Happy 6th Birthday Lindsey!Lindsey has made some great growth strides this year, finally reaching a healthy BMI. She's 42.5" tall and about 36 lbs. Her personality is more extreme. I've always called her my girl of extremes. She's either the sweetest, kindest, gentlest girl OR she is sassy, stubborn and determined. There's not a lot of inbetween with her. She's definitely the leader of the two. She can be reserved at times, but mostly she's fun to be around, talkative and engaging. She, too, cares deeply about her sister, and when they are separated, she's sad. Lindsey learned how to ride her two-wheeler bike this summer. She catches on quickly, loves to color and draw, read, listen to music and sing. She is a great helper, always willing to whatever I ask of her, saying, sure mom! She still wants to be a dog! LOL! She also told me she wants to be a mom. We've had some challenging moments this past year, but she has grown so much and is such a sweetheart, I can never stay upset for long!

They are both in gymnastics now and are really enjoying it and thriving! The past two years, we did dance and the first year, they lasted two months. Last year, Lindsey made it the entire year and Sydney withdrew with two months left. So far with gymnastics, they have always wanted to go and are excited every time! That did not happen with dance. I always had to be very encouraging. It's been a nice change to see them so engaged with an activity!

I've just spent the entire morning putting together a little slideshow of the past six years. What a journey! I've enjoyed every minute and as I sit here with tears in my eyes, I just want to say, I love you so much, Lindsey and Sydney! You are my heart!

By the way, turn up your volume!

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