Thursday, January 20, 2011


How quietly he
tiptoed into our world.
Softly, only a moment
he stayed
but what an imprint
his footprints have left
upon our hearts.

Remembering our precious son, ~Seth Allan~, who was born sleeping nine years ago today. You are always remembered and forever missed.
~Love your mommy

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Checking in...

A new year. I'm not going to promise that I'll be better at updating the blog, but let's just say that I have really good thoughts about doing just that.

The girls are doing well. Really well. Second grade is flying along. Both love their teachers. Lindsey has had a some issues with anxiety, but so far, it hasn't been manageable. Little things; like she has this terrible fear of missing the bus when she's at school to come home. No matter what I tell her it still seems to freak her out. I've been picking them up on occasion to help alleviate some of that anxiety. It's something I'm definitely keeping an eye on.

Happy 8th Birthday Lindsey! Lindsey's eyes are doing great! The surgery she had for strabismus was a total success. She had follow ups regularly throughout the year following surgery and at her last appointment they told us that she didn't have to come back until her annual check up in March! YAY!

Lindsey stopped taking gymnastics this year and decided to try ballet. It's been a great fit for her and she really enjoys it. The gymnastics has helped her a lot too.

This picture was taken on her 8th birthday! I can't believe they are eight already. It's just going by too fast.

Happy 8th Birthday Sydney!Sydney is still enjoying gymnastics, although, we are taking a little break. We've had some time conflicts. In the interim, the girls just signed up for a short Cheer Camp and they are starting Math Club after school one day a week, starting today, as a matter of fact. I hope they like it!

They are also both in Girl Scouts again, first year Brownies, and I'm one of their leaders. It's been fun so far, but a little more work than I thought. Actually, it's not more work, but I just seem to have so many things on my plate!

The girls had a great birthday this year. It was their golden birthday and it was a complete weekend party! We went out for dinner on Friday night, their choice, and of course they chose the Country Kitchen!

We LOVE each each other and never want to be apart!


Then, on Saturday they had a party with school friends. Each invited four friends, so we had 10 total and the party was held at their gymnastics club. They had a TON of fun in the gym for an hour with one of the coaches and then we retired to the party room for cupcakes and ice cream and gifts and LOTS of laughter! This was the first kid party that the girls had. I'm not sure how I got out of that until now, but whatever! Later that evening, one of their friends stayed and we took the girls out for Mexican and then they had a sleepover.

PAR-TAY-ing with friends!

Perfect balance!

I'm flying!

Having fun with crepe paper!

On Sunday, we had the family party with more cake and ice cream, and of course, more gifts. It was a MEMORABLE weekend! They sure have come a long way from when they were born and I was wondering if they would even live or how bad their issues might be. We really had no idea what was in store for us, but took each day as it came. We have been so blessed by these two little beings. Even through all the days of infertilty, all the days of a, well, frankly, an awful pregnancy and then all 114 days of a rollercoaster ride in the NICU, I could never have imagined the joy they bring me each day. Those days are etched in my memory, but also, they seem to be so far away.

Linds and her cake! Syd and her cake!

So, that's a short little update. There's still lots more to talk about though. I'll save it for next time! Happy New Year!
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