Wednesday, December 06, 2006

4 Year Check Ups...

...and the pediatrician SAID, "They're HEALTHY!"

I really didn't expect any surprises, but it's always good to hear those words. It's always so amazing to me think of where they started and to see them now. I'm just in awe, almost surprised, that when the doctor asks me, "Are they on any medications?", I can say NO. Or, "Are there any long term issues?" I can say NO. "Do you have any concerns about them?" I can say NO.

I'm a little late on the appointments, but since we've moved, I had to look for a new pediatrician. I spent quite a bit of time checking out different options (via the internet) in towns near us. I decided against seeing the local Family Practice. I did take Sydney there in August and was very pleased with the doctor we saw, but I just feel more comfortable, given their start in life, seeing a pediatrician.

I decided on the clinic in the town just to the west of us. The female pediatrician that we are now seeing, well, her name seemed very familiar to me, but I didn't really KNOW her. I also found out in my research that she has twin boys (another reason I chose her).

So, we got to the appointment and didn't have very long to wait. The girls were weighed and measured first. Sydney came in at 38.5" tall and 28.4 lbs. Lindsey is right behind her at 38" tall and 27 lbs. They are still so tiny for four, BUT...the doc told me that (GET THIS), they are actually ON the chart for their weight. FIRST TIME EVER! Sydney was in the 10th percentile for weight and 25th for height. Lindsey was in the 5th percentile for weight and 10th for height!

Now, I've never really been all that concerned about them being ON the chart. It was drilled into my head very early that they aren't concerned with that, just so that they are following the curve. They've just always been on their own curve. Anyway, it's a little exciting.

They had their hearing checked which Sydney "sort of" did and Lindsey wouldn't let the nurse put the thing in her ears. They also had a vision screening which they told me they both fell in the 20/30 - 20/40 range, but is within normal limits. They see the pediatric opthamalogist due to their ROP anyway, which I told her about.

The doc and I had a nice visit about them and their prematurity and come to find out, she was doing her residency at Children's when L & S were in the NICU. She told me that when she saw their names, she told her nurse that they can't be new patients because their names sound so familiar. That's why! She saw them every day for four months!

Oh, there is one other thing. She did hear a heart murmur on Lindsey. She asked if she'd ever had one before. No. She said it's probably nothing. We can just monitor it or she'd be more than happy to order an echocardiogram just to get it checked out. I decided to just wait for now. I need to talk about it with Brian. In the meantime, she ordered both of the girls charts from our old pediatrician. She said it's possible that it was noted previously in the chart, but they just didn't mention anything to me thinking it wasn't a big deal.

L & S both got the flu shot. The doc also mentioned the Hep A Vaccine. No rush in getting it. I passed on it and told her that I wanted to do more research. What do you all know about the vaccine?

Can I just RANT about something too? I brought a copy of L & S's vaccine records with me. WHAT THE HECK? How come can't they get these right? I mean, when we go for our check ups, BOTH of the girls are there, BOTH get the SAME shots on the SAME day. BUT...apparently, Sydney had the Chicken Pox, Polio, and Hep B on the same day, but Lindsey only had the Polio and Hep B on that day. No Chicken Pox. Then at another time, without going into details, Sydney had the MMR, but Lindsey didn't, and Lindsey had the Hib which Sydney didn't. Where is that banging your head emoticon when you need it? OH, here it is ==>

Anyhoo, all in all, everything went fine, was fine. It's all good. Hopefully, we won't need to see her again for another year! Wouldn't that be awesome?


Anonymous said...

Hey Kim. Not sure about the Hep A shot. To me it makes more sense to get it at this age (preschool) v/s the Hep B shot (assuming you don't have family risk factors) because kids don't wash their hands very well all the time and Hep A is carried from fecal matter. Where as Hep B is blood born and really what 4 year old is going to have sex or swap blood...kwim.

As for the shot itself though... I have not looked into it. Mercery free, etc. In SC it isn't required so we prob won't do it. Plus what is the risk factor in your area that you live? How many cases a year, etc.

The Hep A shot could be be one of these "give it to everyone even though a small minority will get it".

Now I know when we were in Utah it is required. For some reason I think Hep A runs in Hispanic populations (not sure why). Maybe it is more on an issue in Mexico and then maybe some people are carries?????


Tracy said...

Kim, it looks great. but the top of the picture is covered by the blogger search bar. I am sure there is a way to fix that though.....that looks like a gorgeous picture.

Laura from TT said...

WTG for making the charts!!!!

I hope everything is okay with Lindsey... I'm sure it's fine! That's crazy about those shots too!!

Love your blog!

Heather said...

Hey Kim
their appointment sounds great. They aren't doing bad at all with size. LOL! They are actually taller than Jessica. But she has a few pounds on them. She weighed in at 32 lbs. Our little preemie petite 4yr olds. heehee!

All that matters is they are healthy!

sounds like you have a great ped. And wow that is crazy about the shots. Nope I don't know much about the Hep A vaccine. I am really not one for giving extra vaccines if there isn't a real need for them.

WTG Girls!

Heather (lynnie 75-preemie board)

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