Sunday, December 17, 2006

Another cute Lindsey & Sydney Christmas Carol.

Second verse of Away in a Manger.

The cattle are lonely...
the poor baby wakes.
Those poor cattle. I guess they could be lonely!

The girls had their Sunday School Christmas Program today. I was so proud of them. They did so good considering they missed the last practice due to being sick, and at the first practice they wouldn't even go up to the front or leave my side!

Here they are during the opening song ("O Come Little Children") after they walked in with the other kids.

Sydney & Lindsey Singing

And THEN, they got up by themselves and did this finger play called, "See the Baby Jesus".

See the baby Jesus
Lying in the hay.
He came to earth to show His love
And teach us how to pray.
See the little baby sleeping.
He came for you and me.
To save His people from our sin,
He died to set us free.
Complete with actions too!

Lindsey & Sydney doing their finger play...
I think Lindsey is feeling a little shy.

Next, we have their school (also a church) Christmas program which is on Christmas Eve. They have been practicing a lot! I know they'll do well!


Anonymous said...

Ok to us lame people... who is on the left and who is on the right? The one on the left... is she more shy or is it just the picture?

Sydney is more my shy one, but it is funny... because she really is the "stronger" one if something were to go wrong...kwim.

cute pics. Isn't it fun to see them grow in Christ!


Minnesota Momma said...

Elle - In the first pic, Sydney is on the left, but in the next two, Lindsey is on the left (the shy one). She is much shyer around large groups and takes longer to come around, which is funny because she is the BOSS at home! LOL!

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