Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Our annual update...

Yesterday was the girl's birthday.  11 years old.  How did that happen?  They are right in the heart of those "tween" years and it's beginning to show!  I'm having to really stretch my memory to try to recall what it was like during that age and guess what?  I'm not remembering this type of behavior at age 11.  LOL!  I even had to call my mom to ask her, "Do you remember me acting like this?"  Well, you know she's obviously older than me so I think she's forgetting, but she says she doesn't think I was like this either.  I think it probably just happened a little bit older. You know...the hormones, beginning of puberty, arguing about everything, clothes, hair, activities.  It's up and down and all around.  Mostly it's just Sydney right now, but I'm sure Lindsey's change is a-coming too.  This is that age where you're trying to start making some more decisions for yourself, not be treated like a little kid, but yet you still want to play with Legos and Littlest Pet Shop toys.  It's confusing.  I DO remember that.

We are celebrating their birthday with friends & neighbors this weekend, just some cake and such.  Our immediate family celebrated last night, but it was a rush as both girls had after school activities (Lindsey had choir and Sydney had an art class) and then I had a PTA meeting later.  So between all that, I made spaghetti and meatballs, at their request, and got special cupcakes for all of us.  Then, they opened their gifts.  We chose to get them iPods this year which they very happy with.  I know I'm probably way behind the times with this stuff.  It seems like most kids get this stuff a lot earlier than 11 and are now getting iPads and phones, but we don't fit the norm, I guess.  Oh, and I have to say here and I promise I won't go into great detail because really, it deserves its own post, but Apple products are NOT my friend.  I've never been that fond of them myself and now after trying to set up their iPods for hours and hours, I'm even more convinced and wonder why people use this stuff.  Especially if you've been using Android, I have no idea why anyone would switch.  If people tell you it's easy, they are lying.  It's not.  I am a smart person and it should not take hours to figure this stuff out.  Okay, that's all I'm going to say at this time. ;)

Moving on...

Yesterday morning, the girl's had a little ice cream for their birthday breakfast too. ;)

Happy Birthday Lindsey! Happy Birthday Sydney!

Then after supper, they opened their gift and some cards...

We LOVE them!

Need these too!

Thank you! Thank you!


I love my sister!

They are quite a hoot and love to laugh!

We have too much fun together!

I do have some updates on everyone, but will save for another post.  My dear sister-in-law sent a slideshow birthday wish for us yesterday.  It brought back lots of memories and even some tears.  As time goes on, it's not that you ever forget where these micro-preemies started from or what they went through or how much of a blessing they are, but you DO forget the day-to-day details and such of life in the NICU.

My girls are my joy, my inspiration, my heroes and my heart. I can't imagine my life without them or even the journey that brought them to me.  

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