Monday, September 25, 2006 just happening...

I really need to carve out just a few minutes each day or so to just post a few things here. It seems like I just let it go and then I have so many things to say; some things get written about and others just get lost into my memories.

As I said, life is just happening; day to day things that are keeping me busy. I'm still trying to get settled. We're in somewhat of a routine, but I still have piles of boxes around to unpack and basically nothing on the walls yet. I think we may have a housewarming party in November and I'm hoping that will help me to really crack down and get things organized.

I am planning on having new laminate wood flooring put in the kitchen and dining room and also new countertops and a sink in the kitchen. I had someone come out last week to measure so I can start getting some quotes. I've somewhat narrowed down my countertop choices and I'm going to check out some bigger flooring samples to see how it will look. There is NO WAY that I can pick out stuff from a 2" X 2" sample! I'll have to find the samples and post a few of them. Maybe I can get to that today.

The girls are LOVING school. They look forward to it each week and I really like the consistency from going consecutive days. Last Friday wasn't our day, but we went on a field trip to the apple orchard. It was a cold, rainy, wet day, but we still had fun. The absolute BEST part is that I invited my grandma to go with us on the trip. I just can not portray to you enough, the joy and delight in my grandmother's face when I invited her along. And my girls were so excited that great-grandma Marcy was coming. We met at the school and we had to go inside so the girls could show her their classroom and meet their teacher. THIS is why I wanted to move here so badly. I think I would live in a shack and work in a barn to be able to give this opportunity to my girls and share their lives with my grandma, their grandparents and extended family. To me there is nothing more important than that. And now we are close enough to do those fun things, planned things, spur-of-the-moment things like popping by the high school to watch my nephew's flag football game or having a garage sale with my mom, aunt, grandma, SIL and niece...ALL things that we did this past weekend.

Anyhoo...I need to get some things done around here, but just wanted to give a short update. Like I said before...I have lots more to say, but today we are home and it's laundry day. I also have the Welcome Wagon person coming over this afternoon. They bring a basket and folder of stuff, coupons, gifts from the local retailers, etc. Isn't that the coolest? I'm sure there will be lots of things that we can use.

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