Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New House Pictures (finally)!

I finally got all my house pictures uploaded and updated the captions. It took awhile as I had quite a few pictures to go through and then I tried to put them in some sort of order. I decided just to upload them to Yahoo. Click HERE to check them out.

We have a little work to do, but for the most part, it's really been updated a lot! Especially the bathroom. It's so pretty. I absolutely love the tile. I love all the colors in the main rooms, so I have no painting to do, other than the girl's room (which used to be a boy's room). We have new carpet throughout the house, new tile, and all new appliances. I even have one of those new Maytag front loading washers (need the matching dryer though).

Oh, and I have to tell you a cute story. I guess Sydney likes the colors in the house too. At the breakfast table the other morning this was part of our conversation:

Sydney: Momma, WE'RE in a storybook!

Me: We are?

Sydney: Yes, momma. We're in the Land of the New House...with all the beautiful colors. We have beautiful colors in our new house, momma!

A few things that I DO intend on changing is having laminate wood floors put in the kitchen/dining area and new kitchen countertops. The downstairs bath needs some work, but we're not worrying about that at this time. They didn't have many window treatments, so I need to work on that too, especially the big window in the dining room. Ideas? Suggestions? I am open.

At some point, we will also be putting in a wet bar and cabinets in the family room. It's already plumbed for that. I think that will just finish off that family room area. I am so excited about the custom oak cabinets built in in the family room too.

There is also enough extra siding in the garage rafters that we are planning on adding a third stall to the garage at some point. Plenty of space and since we have the siding, it makes sense.

I just can't wait to get everything on the walls, out of boxes, and put away. Then I'll be able to post some after pics too! I'm really enjoying having all this extra storage. It's made quite a difference for us going from 5 people to 4 in the house and then going from 1800 sq. ft. to 2700 sq. ft.

We're home.

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Tracy said...

Kim, Sydney is simply precious! How sweet is it to live in a storybook house with beautiful colors!

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