Saturday, September 02, 2006

Too much to say...not enough time!

Honestly, I don't even know where to begin! We've been on vacation, and now since getting back on the 30th, we've been busy with our house closing and moving! I have so much to write and many pictures to share as well! I may have to do this in stages.

But first off, we had an AWESOME vacation! It was a little bit tiring, but we really enjoyed the time away, the friends we met and the things that we saw! Somehow we managed to travel 4,385 miles through 12 states in 11 days! WHEW! Now THAT'S a road trip! The girls are, well, frankly, they are the best travellers, probably better than me! LOL! Here is a little snapshot of the route that we took.

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We stopped in the following cities: Cheyenne, WY, Salt Lake City, UT, Brian Head, UT, Las Vegas, NV, Albuquerque, NM, and Wichita, KS.

Here is a picture of Sydney & Lindsey on Sunday morning (8/20/06, 6 a.m.) when we took off. They were rarin' and ready to go! We travelled a little over 800 miles that day and about thirteen hours to get to Cheyenne.

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I'm going to jump ahead and talk about our new home a little bit. We had a bit of anxiousness before the close, which happened on Friday, September 1. On Thursday, I contacted the mortgage processor to check in. I hadn't heard anything while we were gone, so assumed everything was fine. Our file was STILL in underwriting! It sounded at first like they might need to push back the closing a bit, but told us not to worry, everything was still going through. They just needed another underwriter to look at it.

During the afternoon, I received the call that everything was a go for the 10 a.m. close in the morning. I thought they had informed our attorney and sent the documents. The next morning, I got a call from the attorney saying they hadn't received any documents yet. So, I got on the phone again and they said no problem, they were sending them right over! So, the poor attorney's office was scrambling to get the HUD-1 statement done so that they could initiate the wire. We had our walk-thru at 9:30 a.m. and we told the sellers not to come until 10:45 a.m. We did get to go in at 10 a.m. and signed everything, but the funds weren't there for the seller. The wire finally did come through in the afternoon, though, and they were able to go pick up there check. It is officially OUR home (well, the banks, LOL).

Even though all I've done is clean (the sellers didn't clean anything) and we really haven't gotten much moved in yet, I'm loving it! I feel totally at home already. Yesterday I was able to vacuum and shampoo all the carpets and cleaned a bunch of windows and the woodwork. This morning I went back and vacuumed everything again. My mom and grandma came out and the three of us tackled the kitchen and bathrooms. The kitchen was a TON of work. My grandma was up on the counters vacuuming above the cabinets and mom jumped in and started working on the refrigerator. I began on the bathrooms. The girls played.

Brice came down and helped Brian for about three hours carrying all the heavy things into the house. We haven't really arranged anything, but most of it is in the house or the garage. There are just a handfull of things left in the container and some things in the extra storage unit. Hopefully, by Monday night, we will be fairly situated. We are staying at parent's one more night, but I think tomorrow we'll be able to sleep in the house.

The girls are loving the backyard and their playset. It's quite spacious, as we're on a half acre. Plenty big for us! I found out the house is actually bigger than I thought. The original plans were left there and it's 2656 sq. ft. We have two large decks and a patio. Here is the view of our back yard and one where you can see the one deck.

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Well, that's all I have time for right now. I came back to my parents so the girls could nap. Brian has the van and is moving a few more things. Later, we're are running over to some friends house to make an appearance at a neighborhood party. Then it's back to it tomrrow, bright and early.

The girls are supposed to start school on Tuesday. I'll be REALLY glad when we are all settled!

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