Thursday, May 24, 2007

Check this out!

This is what Dad heard the other morning when he was getting ready for work.
"Dad...there's a big grey squirrel with stripes on its tail in our front yard!"
Dad...there's a grey squirrel with stripes on its tail in our yard!'s dead. A dead raccoon in our front yard. DH went outside with his gloves and a shovel. It was stiff as a board and he picked it up and disposed of it. L & S thought it was quite interesting and they do know now that it's a raccoon.

Other things going on this past week...

More shenanigans when it comes to going to bed at night. Nothing major. No wild play or anything, but after months of the girls going to bed and STAYING in their beds. This is what we find a lot of the time when we go down to check on them before we go to bed.
Hmmm...where did Lindsey go?
and then we check the other bed...
Awww....THERE's Lindsey!

I guess they just like sleeping and being together. SMILE

The girls have gone back to napping almost every day again. Maybe they are going through a growth spurt. I don't know. They are up early. Usually at 6 a.m., Lindsey a lot of the time, before that. When they nap, they do end up staying up later at night, but honestly, I don't mind it that much in the summer. I guess I'd rather have them nap and being able to enjoy the evening more as a family with dad around. A lot of the time in the summer, we are up later due to activities, being outside, and frankly, who wants to go to bed with bright sun shining in your room? LOL! So, we'll just play it by ear.

Mostly, we've just been playing...having fun with the neighbor...
Having fun with the hose!

practicing our cutting (they are SO good with the scissors, much improved from the beginning of the school year)...
Sydney practicing her cutting.

and we've been watching the neighbor's horses. Seems like almost every day this week there as been another new foal born. The girls are fascinated. There were four as of this morning.
New foal Mom and babe
Another new foal at the neighbors...

By the can click on any of the pics to see them bigger or click HERE to see more of our Flickr photos.

TODAY is the last day of the girl's first year of preschool. And what a fun year it has been. Last Friday, the PreK and K classes had a field trip to a small farm and then a picnic at the lake and playground. It was a great morning and we all had fun. I'll post some pics of that in a separate post. The girls are excited for summer vacation and they are anxiously awaiting playing soccer. Their soccer games don't begin until June 5. We are also signed up for swim lessons during the second session, every day June 25 - July 6. I just hope they will actually participate in these things. They've definitely come a long way since last fall. I guess time will tell.

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Tracy said...

Hey Kim! Thanks for your comment on my blog. The girls are so sweet, I love that pic of them sleeping together. I will check in on the board soon.

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