Thursday, May 31, 2007

Last day of school and the farm field trip...

I know. I'm behind. Again. Only a couple weeks late on the farm field trip and the last day of school was only LAST Thursday. And now, as the girls tell me, "It's summer vacation!" I volunteer at the school on Thursday's serving the hot lunches with my SIL. She was gone on vacation so I was just there by myself last week. It's always fun hanging out with the kids. It rained that day, so recess was inside. I brought my camera and snapped a couple pics that day. We were in the grade 1-4 classroom. I think all the preschoolers had fun being in a different room with different toys.

The girls teacher made up all the parents a little book of cute phrases said by her students throughout the year. Mrs. P keeps a little notebook handy and when a child says something funny or insightful, she writes the date and what they said in the notebook. What a wonderful idea! I will cherish this book!

And now, a couple of the funnies...

Sydney told us this morning that "A slow song makes the caterpillar sleep."

"Mrs. P!" exclaimed Lindsey when she came into the classroom, "I had frosting on my window today!"

At the drinking fountain Lindsey said while filling up her paper cup after snack, "I just want a little bit, cause a big bit might spill!"

"There's only 2 monies left!" exclaimed Lindsey at afternoon play time. "Bank robbers!" suggested Cameron.

And a picture from the last day of school...

Kindergarten Readiness 2006-2007

The week before this, I went on a field trip with the girls to the farm and then out to the lake for a picnic and play at the park. LOADS of fun!

Sydney & Buttercup The girls brushing down Buttercup.

Preschool & Kindergarten class, 2007

Lindsey and friends on the swing...ahhhh.... Sydney having fun on the teeter totter.

You can view all the pics on Flickr...FIELD TRIP

We've been enjoying our summer vacation so far. Nothing scheduled until next weeks. Soccer is starting on Tuesday nights. I'll keep you posted.

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