Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pediatric Opthamologist appointment update and other things...

I took Lindsey to the ped opthamologist yesterday where it was decided that we need to treat the Amblyopia with more than glasses. It was totally up to me as to whether to go with the patch or the drops and if one doesn't work, we can always switch to the other. I really wasn't sure which one to do, but after thinking about it for a bit, I decided on the patch. She doesn't like eye drops, so I figured that she would tolerate the patch well, knowing that if she doesn't, then we'll have to use the eye drops. She was pretty enthusiastic about that.

She has to wear the patch for four hours a day, so she will not have to wear it to school. We're planning on wearing the four hours before bed. Then, we'll go back again in another eight weeks and see how she is progressing. Here's a pics of my little sweat pea...
Lindsey with her eye patched

After the appointment, we went out to lunch and we tried one of my favorite Chinese places, Leann Chin's. Boy, did Lindsey surprise me! I ordered the Lemon Chicken and fried rice and we split it. She ate all hers and asked for more chicken! She loved the fortune cookie!

Then, we headed home to pick Sydney up at school, after which, we ran a few errands. One of our stops was at the Salvation Army where the girls picked out a few new books and items. I LOVE going there and coming out with all kinds of neat stuff for $5! I'm definitely heading back there, as there was some table cloths and crocheted afghans that I was looking at. There's another thrift store in this town too, that I need to check out. Next time, sans two little girls though.

The girls sure make me chuckle every day. I'm pretty adept at reaching into the back seat of the van, picking things up off the floor, handing them to the girls, etc. (as I'm sure MANY of you moms are!). As I was doing that for the millionth time yesterday, Sydney says to me, "Mom, it sure is a good thing you have really long arms!"

Gosh, there was something really funny Lindsey said too, but the ole Mommy brain hasn't kicked in this morning yet. I imagine I will remember it, but I think I need another cup of coffee first.

We have been having the most beautiful weather. My flowers and trees our blooming and we have so many birds here. I love waking up to the birds. Here's to a wonderful week!
Trees are blossoming! DSC_0047
It's Spring! DSC_0049


Angelika said...

I'm glad Lindsey is doing so well with the glasses and patch. The patch made a huge difference for Noah. Within 2-3 months of patching the strong eye, his weak eye went from 20/125 to 20/25 (with glasses). I hope it goes well for you guys too!
Love, Geli

Sammie said...

Your girls are gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

Hey MN momma...Hope the patching goes o.k. -- my daughter and I are veterans. We just moved to the Twin Cities from England and need to find a pediatric opthamologist to continue to treat my daughters eye condition. Do you have a good recommendation?
MN Mum

Minnesota Momma said...

Hello MN Mum! Welcome to Minnesota. I DO have a recommendation for a pediatric opthamologist. Please email me at Would love to correspond.

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