Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Church and Socials

Last Sunday was the annual Strawberry & Ice Cream Social at our church. I wish I knew exactly how many our church has had. I need to find out. My mom and I were talking about it and she remembers them when she was a kid. I told my mom that they went back to when my grandma and grandpa were young too, because I remember my grandmother telling me that the Strawberry Social was her and grandpa's first "date", so that takes it back to around 1944-1945 or so. 60+ years at least!

We got to church that morning and they had been setting up chairs and picnic tables out on the lawn for the social, but it was such a beautiful morning, they decided to have worship services outside.
Sunday morning worship...

Joyce, organist They even wheeled out this small old organ for Joyce to play, so we even had music!

Our church is celebrating its sesquicentennial (150 years) this year. Pastor Bob opened services by saying, "150 years ago our ancestors built this church so that we didn't have to have services outside." It got quite a bit of laughter!

Pastor Bob spoke on John the Baptist and the hymns were all by congregation request. Such a wonderful message and service, surrounded by all of nature's beauty, with a slight breeze carrying our voices throughout the countryside.

After the services, we began more preparations for the social, getting ready for the garage and bake sale, as well. Brian and the girls went home, as they were coming back later to hear the Community Band play, but not before I snapped a few picture of the girls in their strawberry dresses!
Lindsey & Sydney

And a little history too...

The original church, est. 1862 Our first church was built in 1862 and was located at the old cemetary. This original church is still with us. It is the small square part of this white building back to the chimney. The part behind it was added on once it was moved to the new location. This church was used until about 1878. At that time, another church was built on the current property. That church burnt down in 1963 and the church that we use today was built in 1964. It was where I was baptised and where my girls were baptised. I have much history here. It is quaint and small, miles from town, but in the most beautiful setting.

It is not hard to be filled with the Holy Spirit when you are in such a place.

Cannon River Lutheran Church

If you'd like to view more pictures of our day, you can see the entire set on Flickr.

God's Blessings to you!

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