Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's soccer time!

We signed the girls up for soccer this summer; just a short 6-week program. Both seemed to be excited at first, but I'm never sure if they will actually particpate once we get there. But...they surprised me, especially Sydney. She wouldn't go out there without someone or with her "buddy", but as long as that happened, she was out there most of the game. Lindsey, now is another story. Tonight, she told me that she didn't really want to play soccer. "I just want to take swimming lessons." she said.

Sydney...first day of soccer. #9!

Sydney with her buddy, Sam. After a hard game of soccer...

They do seem to get a little overwhelmed with all the other kids. Check out their t-shirts. Nice fit, huh? They are the smallest on their team and probably in the whole league! I'm reading a book called The Highly Sensitve Child. It's been quite eye opening for me. I've only just started it, but I can tell that it's going to be beneficial for the Brian and I and the girls. I'm beginning to think that both L & S exhibit the HSC temperament.

This week we've also been doing more bike riding! Both Sydney and Lindsey have been riding their bikes since last summer. Well, I should say that they could ride them, but they always chose to ride their trikes. So, last week, we hung the trikes up in the garage and set the bikes out, and ONLY the bikes, and the trikes will be sold at our garage sale this weekend. We just told them that they were almost five and almost five year olds don't ride trikes anymore. They pretty much just accepted that and Sydney jumped on her bike and rode the rest of the evening. Lindsey, was a little more hesitant, but she did great!

New bike riders...well...not really...

Sydney LOVES her bike! Lindsey's learning too!

And the really cool thing is that I got my bike out too!

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