Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another successful eye appointment for Lindsey

Lindsey had another follow-up appointment with the pediatric ophthamologist on Tuesday. Things were looking good. Her right eye tested 20/20 and her left (the amblyopic one) tested 20/25 for the second time in a row. Her doctor said it's time to start weaning her off the patch, so we are going down to three hours/day now and we will go back in 12 weeks for another follow-up. She'll continue to wear her glasses full-time.

In other news, the girls and I went to dance class registration last night. This dance class is called Just for Kix. An overview of the program reads:

Just For Kix was established over 25 years ago and provides excellent dancing and performing opportunities for young people. Just For Kix oversees dance team programs in over 150 communities and provides instruction to over 20,000 dancers throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and Wisconsin. The Just For Kix motto, “doing your best is more important than being the best,” puts the prime motivation on team work and self-esteem.

I'm wondering a little on how this is going to go. Some of you may remember that we signed up for this last year and we gave it a good try for two months before withdrawing. The program is a no-distraction one, meaning that no parents in the room. I think that's great and the girls did fine with that. It's just that when they were in the room, they never participated. I'd go in after the class to get them and there they would be sitting on the side in a folding chair. We tried a few different tactics over the two months, even splitting them into separate classes, thinking that one might have been sitting out because the other one was sitting out. That didn't go over very well either.

So we are trying again. They are another year older and probably one of the oldest in this Tiny Kix class, whereas last year, they were definitely the youngest because they hadn't turned four yet. Another positive thing is that they ran into our next door neighbor's cousin who is three almost four. They had played with her last weekend when she was at our neighbor's home for a party. The girls hit it off and I think it was good that it was fresh in their minds. She's going to be in their class too. So, send some positive thoughts this way that all goes well. I'm not that big on kids being in a ton of activities, but I'd like to do something. I'm really trying to encourage them to participate, to help overcome some of this hesitance they have. It's not that they don't enjoy the class. Last year, we would come home after class (after not participating) and then proceed to sing and dance the whole thing. They liked watching and learning, I guess.

I'll leave with a few recent pics. The girls were helping their dad in the garage one day and he got them all set up using his tools!

Helping dad in the garage. Lindsey's helping too!

Here they are before bed. Nothing better than a story read by daddy!

Bedtime with dad!

Oh, and school is going great too!


Tracy said...

Laine would love to do a dance class. I think we will try one in the spring. We signed her up for co-ed soccer w/ Luke and she really doesn't like it. Luke meanwhile is a tiny Pele!

Angelika said...

Yay for Lindsey on the eye appointment. Noah had one the other day too, and after we haven't been patching for a few months, the amblyopic eye is still 20/30 (the healthy one 20/20). So we're back to part time patching. The eye doctor said that instead of using the stick on patches we can get opaque contact paper and stick that on the lens. It's much less obvious to others and it blurs the vision in the good eye just enough to make the amblyopic eye work harder.


Kim said...

I almost signed Ashlyn up for dance, but then changed my mind yesterday. She'll be 3 in December and I thought maybe she'd go for it, but I was nervous she wouldn't year....

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