Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Weekend Recap...

The weekend is over. It was a typical summer weekend with lots going on. I can't believe it's August and there is only three weeks before the girls are heading back to school. Seems like we have lots to cram in before then.

Showing us their crafts from VBS..
Linds & Syd modeling their hats from VBS!

The girls attended Vacation Bible School all last week and really had a good time! They came home each day with their crafts, spouting bible verses and singing the cutest songs!
We're riding on the Gospel train for Jesus
And God is the conductor, so relax!
He treats everyone, a precious cargo
Climb aboard, we're making tracks!

On Friday, I headed to my friend's house for a little R&R. I met B at work and handed off the girls and then off to my friend's. We did a little shopping around town, out to dinner, and then back to her house for some late night chatting. We finally had to cut ourselves off and get to bed, as we were supposed to be up early the next morning. We were heading to the Cambridge Antique Fair early. Gotta get the good deals, ya know! Well, we didn't leave as early as we were intending, but made it in good time. We spent about four hours perusing the goods, made a few purchases (some vintage postcards of my home town for me!) and we learned a lesson in buying when we see something too. A couple things weren't there when we went back! Ah well... it was a great morning and the rain held off which was wonderful!

Back at home, it had been raining all day. Thank God, because we really needed it badly. B was playing in a softball tournament and had dropped the girls at grandma's in the morning. They spent the day there making cookies, watching movies, playing with the playdough! All fun things to do with grandma! I picked them up later in the afternoon and headed home. We were intending on going down to B's softball game (about an hour away), but I certainly wasn't interested in sitting out in the rain with two little girls!

B's team won their game, so they played at 10 a.m. on Sunday. The girls and I decided to see how they did on that game and when we found out they won, we headed down to watch the next game. We thought they had it, but in the last inning, our team ahead by one, the other team rallied scoring 13 runs! ACK! We lost! Then it was off to the teammates farm where we grilled burgers & brats and just had a nice afternoon. The girls loved the farm and made quick friends with another four year old, Gabby! They played in the yard, with the dogs, got rides on the four-wheeler, the big John Deere tractor and watched the baby pheasants that they raise for the wild. They were sad to leave! I'm supposed to be getting some pics emailed to me, but none have showed up in the Inbox yet! Darn!

This week, we have another session of swim lessons. I'm torn. I'd like it to rain and cool off a bit because we need it, but it's so nice to have hot weather for the girls in the pool. They have no extra fat on their bodies. They just seem to get colder than the other kids and I swear sometimes, I think their little lips turn blue!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too! What did you do?

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