Thursday, August 23, 2007 aching back!

No lie! My back went out. Or I should say that I'm in some major back pain right now mostly due to a combination of things: genetics, six hours in the car on Monday and carrying my notebook around in its backpack while slung over my right shoulder. You would think I would learn since this has happened several times in the past. I can always tell. If it just wasn't for that darn hereditary stuff. It's on my mom's side. We all seem to have a problem with our hips getting out of whack, which in turn aggravates our lower backs. I'm walking very crooked and all hunched over, but thankfully, the icing and ibuprofen is keeping in check until I can get to the chiropractor. He's not open on Thursday's and I couldn't get in on Wednesday, so I am the first appointment tomorrow at 8:45 a.m. I know I will feel some HUGE relief after the appointment. I know I'll have to go for a few days after that too. Tomorrow cannot come soon enough!

And of course all this happens when I have tons of stuff to do. It's the last week off before preschool starts on Monday. I had all these plans and all kinds of stuff to do. The girls have a project to finish that their teacher brought out during their home visit and I need to have a recent picture of each of them for them to glue on the project. So, I needed to get to the store to pick those up, as well as, getting all their school supplies (mostly classroom supplies). I need to get their backpacks ready to go. I'm not sure I even have an outfit picked out. But, the girls are ready and excited!

One of the causes of my back issue this week I mentioned above; six hours in the car. On Monday, the girls and I chauffeured my grandma three hours north to Minong, Wisconsin to visit with her cousin who she hadn't seen in quite a few years. The trip was for for two reasons, really. One, for the two cousins to visit and two, for my genealogical purposes. This is the last living cousin of my grandma's and Norma did have some new information for us. We really had a wonderful day. We picked great-grandma up and of course, made time for a picture:

We're off for our day of family research!

Lindsey & Sydney ready to go

Then we were off. Honestly, I have the best travelers EVER! Each took a very short little snooze, but for the most part, they just read their books or we sang, things we normally do in the car. And not even any potty breaks, well, except for ME! I think I drank too much coffee. The girls and I had talked about what we were going to be doing there and they were just so good! I guess I wasn't surprised. They usually are, but we do have our moments. We were there about four hours and I had brought books to read, Leapsters, and markers and color books, which kept Lindsey & Sydney occupied for hours. Towards the end of our visit, we turned on the TV for a bit and of course, Sydney picked Animal Planet. The Meerkats were on!

Norma, my grandma and I visited and looked at old photographs. I read through the info that Norma had gathered, but the most fun, was just listening to her and my grandma reminisce. They were telling all sorts of stories from when they were younger, from living on the farm in Minnesota to moving to South Dakota and back again, and about their mothers (and why they hated storms) and their grandfather (which would be my great-great grandfather and how he hid hard candy in the trees for them to find when they came for a visit). I'm so glad that I was able to do this for my grandma! It's just been such a wonderful thing to be back here in my hometown and able to spend time with the family.

Chatter Chatter Chatter Cousins, Norma & Marcy

"You don't say..."
You don't say! was a fabulous day, and even though I got a sore back out of it, I'd do it again! (And I probably will! I think our next little adventure will take us to South Dakota.)


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im sorry about your back pains ,i really know the feeling.

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i tagged you for the mememe tag go to my blog informtion

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