Friday, August 04, 2006

Beginning of a new era for me...

and for L & S. I registered them for preschool yesterday. They will be attending St. Paul's Lutheran School (the same one that their 12 year old niece goes to) and they are excited. I signed them up for three days a week, T-W-Th, hours to be determined. I think I will start them off with the hours up until lunch and see how that goes, and maybe adjust it to longer later on. So, they'll attend from 8-12.

When we went to tour the school yesterday, I was nervous that L wouldn't want to go into the building or would be very apprehensive. She totally surprised me, staying with Sydney alone in the preschool room (playing, of course) while the principal showed the rest of the rooms to me. And then, after we were all done, she asked if they could stay longer! This makes me feel so much better! I think they are really going to enjoy the interaction with other children. They haven't had a lot of that so far, other than spending time with the two neighbor kids.

The next big thing that we're considering is...Dance Class! It's such a long commitment though, so I have to really think it through. Plus there isn't a studio in our town. We'll have to drive to the next town over, about 15 miles. I'll keep you posted on that decision!

Until next time...

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Heather said...

We're debating the dance thing too, Kim. On the one hand, it feels like they'll be busy enough with preschool (we're doing 3 days a week too) but, OTOH, they have all kinds of energy!

I'm sure they will love preschool though!

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