Thursday, August 03, 2006


Yep, that's the big news around here. Our house went on the market June 19 and sold in exactly three weeks! Unbelievable! It was a cash offer, neither of us had realtors, and my wonderful neighbor is an attorney offered to handle the closing for us as a "going away present". It all happened in less than 24 hours.

We had every intention on building. We've had lot picked out, a plan, a builder, and we totally did a 180 on it. We were very committed in moving forward with building, but then we ended up taking a look at a FSBO house. We had actually gone to look at some rentals, both would've been just fine, and then we did a driveby of a house that just came on the market that was only 5 years old. That house was really nice, but we didn't like the location. In the mean time, my brother had told me about this other house that was FSBO, so we drove out there. It's out in the country about 1.5 miles and on a half acre lot. Brian was very interested after driving by, so I called my brother to ask about it. He called the owner right then and there (he knows them, small town, you know), so they said come on over. We went over there and checked it out and it was VERY nice. It's not the layout I really wanted, but there were so many nice things about it, so many nice upgrades, add ons, etc. It was built in 1992, 4 bd/2 bath, about 2500 sq ft. That was Wed. 7/12. I won't go into all our back & forth thinking, but long story short, on that following Sunday, 7/16, we just layed it on the line, told them where we were at. We came up about $2500 where we wanted to be and they actually dropped about $12500 from their FSBO price.

I think the big thing that changed our minds is that we'd end up with about the same payment building, as with this house, but then we'd still have so much work to do on the new house (driveway, yard, deck, basement) and the built house wouldn't really be that much bigger, plus it would be in town. Also, even though with building we'd have a brand new house, it's still not the house I ultimately want or in the location I want, and after building, I'd feel like I'd need to stay there forever. Yes, it would be a very nice house, but I've BTDT a couple times with building and it's not big deal to me to do it again.

This house is all finished and there is really nothing to be done. Could something be redone? Certainly, but not necessary. It's been freshly painted, all new carpet, new tile, new appliances; they've done a great job of updating it, PLUS...the YARD is just so awesome with all the landscaping and trees, and the great playset and sandbox for the kids. And with this house, we have an opportunity to be out in the country a bit, which we really didn't think we'd be able to afford. It's gotten to be so expensive in my hometown, even with building, we would be settling.

I really wanted Brian to be comfortable since he his moving to my hometown and I think it will be an adjustment for him. He told my Dad before we had made the offer that he could already see himself mowing the lawn and planting a garden!

So, that's how it all happened! No realtors at all and everything just falling into place. I couldn't even make up a story so perfect!

We are closing on our current home on 8/15. We will stay with my parents for three nights and then we leave on vacation (already planned) for two weeks. We're coming back a day early, as we are closing on our new home on 9/1.

I don't have any inside pics, but I did manage to snap a picture of the outside. Here it is. I'm getting pretty excited!

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