Wednesday, August 16, 2006

We're Homeless!

It's done. We closed on our Wisconsin home yesterday at 10 a.m. It was pretty uneventful, only six pieces of paper to sign and then it was back to the house to load up some final things. The guy who bought our home just retired from the Navy after 23 years. He's been stationed in San Diego the whole time and is moving back from there.

We did have a little excitement and anxiousness in the morning though. The truck came to pick up the container and it broke down. The hydraulics sprung a leak and when he tried to load the container, the front end of the truck went up and it slid backwards toward the garage. We thought it was going to HIT it! Note on the picture how close it is to the garage. It was at least 3-4 feet away before.

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The girls and I drove away from the house, sad, but excited. First a stop at the bank to deposit our check and then off to Grandma & Grandpa's (my parents), where we are staying for a few days before we leave on vacation. I can't believe I am moving home! Home to Minnesota! The girls are so cute. They recognize the water tower in town and were telling me that we live in Minnesota now!

Driving into town...

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And let me tell you...moving the little bit of our stuff into my parents two bedroom, well, we've taken over! LOL!

After my mom got home from the office, then I left and headed back up to the house. Brian came there from work and we cleaned the place and loaded up our last load of stuff to take to the storage shed.

Oh, by the way, all of our stuff did NOT fit into the container. It wasn't even CLOSE! Their website states that a 2-3 bedroom home should fit. NO WAY! I'll be talking to them about that. We rented an additional 10x10 unit and it is totally full, floor to ceiling, and last night at 9:30 p.m. I was dropping a few more things into my grandma's garage that wouldn't fit! I think I need to make a list where everything is at. We have our third car and our riding lawn tractor at my brother's, some Little Tikes toys at the shop, the girls bikes & trikes and some miscellaneous things at my mom & dad's, and all our photographs, keepsakes, etc. at my grandma's, besides the storage unit and the 20 foot container that's in Minneapolis. Really, though, we don't have that much stuff!

The girls have been sick, but seem to be on the mend. Brian is starting to come down with something. I'm hoping he can stop it in it's tracks though. We're planning on leaving at midnight Friday night, and he's driving the night shift. More on our vacation later...

Oh, and on Saturday, we moved our freezer to our new house. The sellers graciously allowed us to move it in early (meat & all), so that we didn't have to move it twice and find a place to put it. It was neat to see the house again and got me excited to move in. I'm busy planning in my head where to put stuff and figuring out what to buy first (I'd like some new furniture). I also have a couple projects that I'd like to do in the kitchen. I'll keep you posted on that too.

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Karen said...

Hi, Kim! Just popping over from "Buying & Selling a Home" to say hi! We had the same problem with the space estimate on the truck we rented/loaded. I don't think they take into account all the kids stuff! I'm glad everything is going well for you.


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