Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rain...Rain...We need RAIN!

We are really trying to keep the grass green, but it's brown in spots. It has been HOT the past week. Today and the next week is supposed to be gorgeous though; 80*F and sunny! No rain in sight until next week!

The girls dug out their rain boots the other day and I thought, HEY! Maybe that will do the trick. If they wear their rain boots, maybe it will rain!
Hmmm...maybe if we wear our rain boots, it will rain! Lovin' the rain boots in July!

We were all goofing around outside, watering the grass, the flowers, etc. Oh, how I love the lazy summer evenings!
Who is that flower in my garden? Look mom, it's like water skiing!

Daylily Balloon flower

Let's see...what else has been going on this summer? Well, swimming lessons went pretty well for their first time. They are very hesitant in new situations, so all in all, I was quite pleased. We went every day for two weeks for 45 minutes. I was nervous about the large class (10 kids), but it was needless aprehension on my part. There were at least six instructors with the class every day! It was practically one on one. I also liked that they could be with a group and see the other kids jumping off the side and bobbing underwater. When they had them on the diving board either jumping or dropping them off it the first day, I thought, wow, they really get them used to things right away! Here's Sydney doing her "big arms":
Big arms!

Sydney and Lindsey going off the diving board:
Wheee!  I did it! She did it!

You can see all the pics in their Swimming Lessons set on Flickr. We thought it was so much fun that we signed up again. The are going August 6-17. YAY!

I'm still working on our pics from vacation to Michigan (Boyne, Mackinac Island). I took about 240 pics so it's taking me awhile to wade through them and delete the crap ones, the duplicate ones, etc. We had just so much fun! I can't wait to tell you about it!

Off to fill up the pool and make lunch...

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