Thursday, July 05, 2007

And to the doctor we go...

No, not the girls, but me. I had an appointment with the podiatrist today. I've been dealing with plantar fasciitis for too long now. It's always bothered me a little, but usually with a quick stretch in the morning, I'm fine. Then, back in March, when I was down at Mayo for some tests on a couple different days, something happened to my right foot. I mean, I FELT it, and I could hardly step on it after that. It got a little better, then I went to my chiropractor for awhile and that's been helping, but thought that I should have a podiatrist check it out too. So, now I have it taped up for a week, and then I'll go back. My chiropractor has already recommended that I get custom orthotics and the podiatrist alluded to that too. No more fun and funky sandals for me either. They are NO GOOD, support-wise, for your feet.

So far the taping has my foot feeling pretty good. I'm going to start back on the ibuprofen for the inflamation too. I sort of quit taking it because it has gotten better than it was. I'll keep you all posted. I tell's been hard to have this issue this summer. No fun walks with the girls, as I just can't walk that far. It's pretty much stunk!

Lindsey also had an appointment with the pediatric opthamalogist this past Tuesday. It has been nine weeks since we started patching her eye. It's gone really well, and she's been a trooper. Just in the past few days, we started getting a little resistance to wearing the patch. She is being treated for Amblyopia. She got glasses in January to see if that would correct her vision. She made a little progress after six weeks. Then we came back after another six weeks, and there wasn't much improvement and that is when we started patching.

This time, she has made some great improvement. Her right eye is 20/20. Her left eye was 20/40 before patching and now after patching it has improved to 20/25. We are going to continue to patch it for four hours a day for another eight weeks. Her doctor was quite pleased with her response. I am too!

I'll have another post soon. We sure had fun at the 92nd Annual Cannon Valley Fair and 4th of July parade. Here's a taste... Lindsey and Sydney patiently waiting for the parade to begin. It was HOT too! 90*F is too hot for me!
Waiting for the parade to start...

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