Monday, July 30, 2007 Michigan!

We left Minnesota on Sat. 7/7, headed to the cities to pick up my friend, Sue and her kids, then we were off. We only drove half way that day. We stopped in a little town, Merrill, WI to have lunch and bopped around town, looking in shops, and antiquing for about 1.5 hours. Then back on the road to Eagle River, WI, where it was Watermelon Days. We hung in town there for the afternoon, shopping, antiquing, and then headed to Brian's brothers house where we were staying the night.

It was a HOT weekend if you remember and we got there and left right away again to the lake. The kids swam with Uncle Jim and us girls chatted. Then it was back to their house for a cook out, hot dogs and brats, and to watch all the deer. WAY cool. You have to check out those pictures. They feed them regularly and they come right in while you sit out there. We saw bucks, does, and fawns, twins even! The kids thought it was pretty cool.

Jim & Bev's backyard See how close they are!
Everyone loves Brady!

The next day we headed out for our drive through the UP and across the Mackinac Bridge. We enjoyed the drive, stopping here and there. One place we stopped was at one of the National Forest areas where we had access to Lake Michigan. It was our first view and we decided it was a good place to stretch our legs.

Enjoying the waves!
Look at those waves! This is SO much fun!
Sydney & Lindsey at Lake Michigan

We stayed about an hour south in Boyne Falls at Boyne Mountain Resort where our timeshare is located. We went and got a few groceries and then I got the girls to bed, while Sue & the kids took a dip in the pool.
Girls in the pool! Syd, Linds, Selina & Carla

The next day we headed up to the pool in the morning for a swim. We spent a couple hours there and then back to the unit for lunch. Claudia and her kids arrived that afternoon and we had units together. They were in a one bedroom and we were in a two bedroom, all with full kitchen/living areas. It was nice because originally we weren't supposed to be together, but the resort worked it out. We went up to Petoskey to wander around, window shopped, ate ice cream, and then drove to a neighboring town, Bay Harbor, I think, where we looked for Petoskey stones and we found a bunch of them. The kids were having a ball. Then it was back to the resort and off to the pool!

Claudia's girls were quiet at first, Antonia too, but it didn't take long for Antonia to become friends with Madison & Bailey. By the end of the week, they were exchanging email addresses! Carla & Selina are quite quiet too, but on the first night, they came over and saw L & S playing their Leapsters, so they ran back to get theirs and there was a whole lotta sharing of games going on! After we got the girls to bed, Claudia, Sue and I stayed up for a late night of chatting and drinking wine! It was a lot of fun!

Here's some more water!The next day we spent at Deer Lake which is right on property. The kids swam and played in the sand. We went out for a paddle boat ride, just relaxed. Then back to our unit for lunch and later in the afternoon/evening, up to the pool again.
Look what I'm making mom!

More posing...

Wednesday, we spent the day on Mackinac Island. We were up and gone to catch the 11 a.m. ferry. Windy and rough waves, 4-6'. No sitting on top! It turned out to be a beautiful day though. Claudia and I and the four younger girls took a carriage ride/tour all over the island, while Antonia went with Sue and her kids on an hour & a half horse back ride. As part of our carriage tour, we visited the Wings of Mackinac, a Butterfly Conservatory. It was beautiful, all the butterflies and soft music. The girls saw one butterfly and exclaimed, "LOOK! A Blue Morpho butterfly, mom!"
We're on the ferry! Carla, Selina, Lindsey & Sydney
Fun at the Butterfly Garden DSC_0272

Afterwards, we met for shopping, fudge and the like. We all sat up top on the ferry on the way back, but several were in the "get very wet" seats, like Claudia and family and Bailey and Madison. The waves must not have been too bad and I wish someone would've gotten a picture, but Lindsey and Sydney fell asleep in mine and Sue's arms. They were OUT COLD! We carried them to the car after we got off the ferry and I did get pics then.

We went out to dinner that evening and played in the park at another neighboring town and then it was back to pack and such. The kids were tired and sad to be leaving and for the last two weeks, all I hear are questions about Carla & Selina and when can we go to their house.
All the kids posing for a picture...
Good-Bye Friends!

Whoa...there are people up there! View of Mackinac Bridge

Sue & I decided to drive straight through on the way home. It ended up taking about 12.5 hours. We drove through a LOT of rain and storms and many more stops with tired kids. You can tell we were heading home because we let the kids watch several movies on the way home and eat gobs of crappy snacks; on the way there, nada...healthy snacks and no movies. LOL!

Oh, and I almost forgot! We had some fresh Pasty's too! YUM YUM!

If you'd like to view ALL our vacation photos, please check out our Michigan 2007 Set over at Flickr.

So, how about your summer vacation? Tell me about it! Where did you go? Where are you going? I love hearing about travels!


Tanya said...

Great pictures Kim! Sounds like a super fun trip! You're blog looks awesome!

Tracy said...

Wow! That looks like so much fun. I am always surprised at how big Lk. Mich. is. and how much it looks like the ocean.

Wesley Jeanne said...

That looks like a great trip. Your girls are just lovely. Great photos!

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