Thursday, March 20, 2008

Not just your ordinary Thursday...

WE are having company! Tee-hee! The thing is, Thursday is usually the day we stay home, hang out in our pajamas for a long time and just kick back. It's a free day with nothing going on. But today, we have some friends coming over...our old neighbors and we are ALL excited!

I really had no attachment to the place we moved from, not to the house, or to the area, but my next door neighbors...well, that was a different story. They were the BEST! I couldn't have asked for better neighbors. A & I became fast friends, always lots to talk about. I think we really balanced each other well with different strengths. Her daughter, M, was exactly a year older than Lindsey & Sydney and her son, G, was six months younger. We did a lot of swapping of kids, helping each other with home projects, borrowing eggs, sugar...stuff like that. It was definitely the ONE thing I was most sad about when we moved.

Now we are about an hour away, not far, but still, not at all like it used to be. Our visits are much more few and far between, you know, because life is still happening, our kids are getting older and more involved, and of course WE are involved with all sorts of things too.

Hopefully, I'll be able to snap a few pics of the kids today, see how much they've grown, that is, if A and I quit yakking for long enough to get the camera out! LOL!

But just for are a few from years past.

Almost exactly three years ago...taken on 3/24/05 with Lindsey, G and Sydney...


and this one was in May of 2005...


and here they are in November of 2005...


Anyhoo, we are looking forward to a great visit!

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Tanya said...

Good morning Kim! How was your visit? I would love a neighbor like your old neighbor. I've always wanted an Ethel to live next door to me. Someone to sneak in the back when Nick leaves for work, to have coffee with and scrapbook all day! I had a couple of good friends like that in Missouri, they weren't neighbors, but lived in the same town. Since moving here, I've just really not made any effort.
The girls look so cute and little and that wasn't even all that long ago!

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