Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

The 3B's - bath, book, bed!

After bath, reading a book, ready for bed...of course, the best part...with daddy!

The 3B's - bath, book, ready for bed!

Oh, and of course today, I just have to add...I'm sad.

The word out yesterday is that our beloved quarterback is retiring. Yes, we will not be seeing that #4 running out onto the field anymore, laughing, playing jokes, and throwing TD's. What an awesome career! Here's to you, Brett! We love you, we'll miss you, and we hope you enjoy your retirement and the time spent with your family! We'll see you in the Hall of Fame!

We love Brett Favre!

Check out more here or here.


Tanya said...

What a great picture Kim, I love it! We've not read that book yet. And I thought I've read them all,lol.
Sorry about your guy retiring, the girls look cute in their jerseys though!

Tanya said...

I wish you could come with us too Kim! I'll bring you along in spirit and have a beer or two for you!

Karen said...

*squeal* What a precious picture of the girls in the football jerseys! How cute!

And an awww moment with dad - wonderful!

Write From Karen

Beckaboo said...

Awww.... Great photos!

(Enjoying the new snow? In March?!! I am ready for spring!!)

Blessings, Beckie
(a fellow Minnesotan)

Bottles Barbies & Boys said...

Awe Daddy time. Your girls are precious

Melissa said...

Your daughters are adorable! Happy WW!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful girls!

Sorry about Mr Farve. It will be a sad day here in New England when Tom Brady retires.

Anne said...

We are in mourning here, too, over Brett retiring. I'll never really be interested in football again! :) I have a precious picture with dh and my two oldest boys all in their #4 jerseys.
I'm also from Minnesota, although I'm a transplant! Nice to "meet" you!

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